Our Story

Everything started from a fascinating idea, about half a century ago; From planting a small seed in the heart of the garden, through all the stones and hardships, he finally found his way. With the gardener’s round-the-clock effort, he turned into a lively sapling named “Pars Eshen” to narrate an original story. The colorful seedling of this story quickly opened its place in Iran’s paint industry and grew rapidly with the presence of skilled engineers so that they did not bear fruit. The goal was to create value at all stages, with each new leaf and production of each new product. Relying on innovation and expertise, strive to improve the quality of life of customers and give it a new spirit.

The continuous and forward movement of Pars Eshen Industrial Group during the past half century has been based on five fundamental values. The values ​​that are derived from the attitude of its founders and have always been on the agenda of all managers and specialists of this company; These values ​​help us to take firm steps towards the mission and the realization of the group’s goals.

In Pars Ehen, we have always adhered to ethical principles. We put honesty and integrity in our business relationships with all our business partners and have always remained faithful to our commitments. This approach brought us not only the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers, but also the long-term companionship of our colleagues, since the second generation of many members of the Pars Eshen family have joined us today.

Each and every member of the Pars Eshen family, from shareholders and employees to customers and suppliers, is known as the most valuable asset of this industrial group. For this reason, we are not only committed to providing a safe and healthy business environment, but also seek to create opportunities for growth and development for ourselves and all members of this big family.

Based on the attitude of the management of this industrial group, we are always looking for the highest quality both in the production of products and in our performance in the paint and resin industry. In this regard, we are committed to raising the standards of Iran’s paint industry by taking into account the current world standards and continuous research and development.

As a leading authority in Iran’s resin industry, by providing creative solutions and producing products with innovative methods, we not only help to improve the quality of Iranian products, but we also take steps towards generating wealth with sustainable methods.

Growth and development have always been recognized as one of the most important principles in Pars Eshen. Growth in all fields, including increasing production capacity, continuous quality improvement, human capital development, and upgrading the level of knowledge not only for ourselves but for all the stakeholders of the paint industry.

At Pars Eshen Industrial Group, we seek to “become one of the top 5 paint and resin producers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region (by 1410 in the field of quality and variety of covered industries). Our focus is on variety and quality Relying on continuous research and development, this industrial group has made it possible for this industrial group to take steps in line with its long-term goals and to be known as one of the reliable Iranian brands in the field of paints and resins in the region. It has been effective in raising the quality of products and promoting Iran’s position in this industry in the world.

At Pars Eshen, we stand for “creating value through the production of distinctive products and moving in line with the goals of sustainable development”.

As a leading authority in Iran’s paint and resin industry, we help preserve global capital through the production of quality products. We strive to raise the skill level of professionals in this industry by developing continuous programs; Because we believe that this is the only way we can help improve the quality of products and take an effective step towards supporting the entrepreneurship cycle. In this regard, and by using creative solutions, we are always committed to the sustainable growth and development of ourselves and our business partners, and we try to pursue the production of wealth in a sustainable and responsible way in order to help improve the quality of life of our customers and preserve the environment.

Join Us

Become part of Pars Eshen, a leader in Iran’s paint and resin industry. We’re looking for dedicated and skilled individuals in various fields. At Pars Eshen, we value teamwork, cutting-edge knowledge, and innovation. We provide a dynamic, supportive environment for professional growth. With continuous training, we enhance our employees’ skills and knowledge. If you seek a place to develop your talents and advance your career, join the Pars Eshen family.