Teamwork, dedication, passion, hard work, and expertise drive continuous growth. At Pars Eshen, our teams in policy-making, planning, production, sales, after-sales service, marketing, R&D, finance, HR, IT, commerce, and support embody these values. They seek new opportunities and challenges to deliver the best products and services.

We pride ourselves on being a leading name in Iran’s paint and resin industry. Through continuous training, we enhance our employees’ knowledge and skills, fostering personal and professional growth. This commitment ensures top-quality service and products for our customers and development for our employees.

Teamwork and Dedication:

United by passion and hard work.

Expertise and Knowledge:

Skilled and knowledgeable team.


Seeking new opportunities and challenges.

Continuous Learning:

Ongoing training and development.

Growth Opportunities:

Structured growth for all team members.


Which Brands are Part of Pars Eshen Industrial Group?

Eshen: Manufacturer of building paints and resins
Italvar: Producer of polyurethane wood paints using Italian technology
Cavalli: Manufacturer of automotive paints

Pars Eshen Industrial Group operates in the paint and resin manufacturing industries.

Pars Eshen Industrial Group’s products are known for their high quality, innovation, and durability. They are manufactured according to the latest international standards.

Pars Eshen Industrial Group is committed to providing high-quality products, exceptional after-sales service, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Yes, Pars Eshen Industrial Group actively operates in global markets. With high-quality products and international standards, we currently offer our products across three continents.

Pars Eshen Industrial Group fulfills its social responsibilities by focusing on environmental conservation, supporting education and research, and creating job opportunities and economic development in local communities.

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Become part of Pars Eshen, a leader in Iran’s paint and resin industry. We’re looking for dedicated and skilled individuals in various fields. At Pars Eshen, we value teamwork, cutting-edge knowledge, and innovation. We provide a dynamic, supportive environment for professional growth. With continuous training, we enhance our employees’ skills and knowledge. If you seek a place to develop your talents and advance your career, join the Pars Eshen family.