Our Approach

For the past half-century, Pars Eshen Industrial Group has advanced based on the values and vision set by founder Ahmad Islamian in 1978. We prioritize innovation, superior quality, and sustainable development. Our commitment to employee growth and creating a dynamic, supportive environment has been key. Today, with brands like Italvar, Cavalli, and Eshen, we are proud symbols of trust, authenticity, and progress in domestic and international markets.

At Pars Eshen, we adhere to strict ethical principles. Integrity and honesty guide all our interactions with business partners, and we remain faithful to our commitments. This approach has earned us not only customer satisfaction and loyalty but also long-term collaboration with our team members. Today, we proudly welcome the second generation of many Pars Eshen family members.

Every member of the Pars Eshen family, from shareholders and employees to customers and suppliers, is considered our most valuable asset. We are committed not only to providing a safe and healthy business environment but also to creating opportunities for growth and development for ourselves and all members of this large family.

Guided by our management’s vision, we strive for the highest quality in both our products and our performance in the paint and resin industry. We are committed to raising industry standards in Iran by adhering to global benchmarks and engaging in continuous research and development.

As a leading authority in Iran’s resin industry, we provide creative solutions and produce innovative products. Our efforts not only enhance the quality of Iranian products but also contribute to sustainable wealth creation.

Growth is a core principle at Pars Eshen. We focus on expanding production, improving quality, developing human capital, and enhancing knowledge for the benefit of all stakeholders in the paint industry.

At Pars Eshen Industrial Group, our goal is to become one of the top 5 paint and resin manufacturers in the MENA region by 2031, focusing on quality and industry diversity. Our emphasis on variety and quality, supported by continuous research and development, allows us to pursue our long-term objectives. We aim to be recognized as a trusted Iranian brand in the paint and resin sector, playing a significant role in enhancing product quality and elevating Iran’s position in the global industry.

At Pars Eshen, we create value through distinctive products and sustainable development. As a leader in Iran’s paint and resin industry, we preserve global resources with high-quality production. We enhance industry skills to improve product quality and support entrepreneurship.

We are committed to sustainable growth, using innovative solutions for responsible wealth generation. Our mission is to enhance customer quality of life and protect the environment.