Pars Eshen Industrial Group was founded in 1977 by Mr. Ahmad Islamian. However, the company did not initially start with the name Pars Eshen; it was registered as Shetrang. Under the Shetrang brand, building products and thinners were introduced to the market.
During this period, the CEO came across the beautiful name “Eshen.” Eshen is the name of a tree in the northern forests known for its colorful bark. Captivated by its beautiful sound, the Shetrang board of directors decided to change the company’s name to Eshen.

The company quickly embarked on a path of growth and development. Industrial paints were added to the product portfolio, and various epoxy, stove, structural, and alkyd automotive paints were introduced to the market under the esteemed Pars Eshen brand.

A fire occurred, and through precise policy-making and understanding market potentials, the company entered the field of wood-specific paints. Due to the presence of experienced specialists, it quickly achieved significant success in this sector. In a short time, Pars Eshen became the best Iranian brand in producing cellulose paints, acid carbonic paints, primers, and putties for wood, holding more than 60% of the market share in this field today.

Recognizing resin as a crucial raw material in the paint industry, the company’s managers decided to adopt a development-focused strategy. They established a resin manufacturing plant with an annual capacity of ten thousand tons and installed modern machinery and reactors to produce alkyd, urea, melamine, and maleic resins. During this production process, products such as DIBP, D13P, and DOP were also introduced.

Continuing the development-focused strategy, a distillation tower was installed next to the resin plant, initiating the production of industrial solvents such as butyl acetate, methyl acetate, and isobutyl acetate. These solvents were used both internally within the company and supplied to the market. At the start of the new millennium in 2000, Pars Eshen decided to open a commercial office in the United Arab Emirates, which was a significant step in importing raw materials and exporting the company’s diverse products to international markets.

Always striving to stay abreast of the latest global technologies, Pars Eshen entered a new field of paint production in 2002. They purchased and installed modern machinery from the UK to start producing powder coatings. These coatings, being free from industrial solvents, are environmentally friendly and represent a new generation of paints widely used in various metal industries.

The company’s successful presence in international markets, achieved through the efforts of experienced specialists at the UAE commercial office, led to receiving the Best Exporter Award in the paint and resin industry in 2005. This milestone marked the beginning of Pars Eshen becoming one of the most reputable Iranian brands in the MENA region.

For a reputable company where “growth” and “development” are key principles and core values, it was time to venture into a new area of the paint industry. A new unit was established for the production of automotive refinish paints. Since automotive paint production is one of the most specialized fields in the paint industry, with few manufacturers possessing the necessary technology and knowledge, Pars Eshen quickly became one of the largest and most reputable producers in this field. Today, the company’s products have entered international markets.

In 2012, responding to the growing market demand for water-based building paints, the company decided to expand its production lines in the building paints unit. Plastic, semi-plastic, and acrylic paints were added to the building product portfolio.

In 2015, Pars Eshen, recognized as the largest Iranian producer in the wood coatings industry, acquired the technical knowledge for producing polyurethane wood paints. These next-generation paints quickly replaced cellulose and acid-curing paints in the market. By producing high-quality polyurethane paints domestically, Pars Eshen added significant value and prevented the outflow of foreign currency for importing these products from countries like Turkey, Italy, and Spain.

In 2017, through the tireless efforts of specialists in the R&D unit, new products were developed and introduced to the market in the resin production unit. These products included saturated and unsaturated polyester resins as well as epoxy hardeners.

With the start of the new century, Pars Eshen embarked on a path of modernization and made significant structural changes. As a result, wood, industrial, and building products were introduced to the market under the “Eshen” brand. It was also decided that other products from the industrial group would be launched under new brands going forward.

The year 2023 was marked by development across many sections of the company. The building paints unit, responding to extensive market demand, continued its research and development efforts and successfully introduced exterior acrylic paints, water-based tinting colors, and universal tinting pastes to the market. Additionally, the installation and commissioning of new powder coating production lines with an annual capacity of 12,000 tons was a significant step. This positioned Pars Eshen, now operating as an industrial group, to become one of the largest producers of this product in Iran.