Our Social Responsibility
Pars Eshen Paint and Resin Industry Company, founded on July 27, 1977, by Mr. Ahmad Eslamian, began with the production of thinners and building paints. Thanks to our experienced team and dedicated management, we quickly advanced, expanding our product line. Today, Pars Eshen is recognized as a standard partner laboratory with ISO9001 quality assurance and various product standards. Our products, crafted with modern technology and international standards, are produced using advanced machinery and laboratories to ensure the highest quality for our customers.

As a company committed to social values and responsibilities, Pars Eshen Industrial Group strives to improve living standards and environmental conditions. Our social responsibility efforts include environmental conservation, supporting innovative production methods, enhancing productivity while minimizing environmental impact (EIA), promoting education and research, and fostering job creation and economic development. We are dedicated to adhering to modern knowledge and international standards (ISO).

Through our leadership in social and environmental responsibility, Pars Eshen has become a top name in the paint and resin industry, demonstrating how a business can align with social and environmental values.

Economic Development and Production

Pars Eshen Industrial Group is committed to creating job opportunities and driving economic development. We have supplied over 2.8 billion liters of products to the market, supporting sustainable growth.

Social Development and Employment

We provide equal opportunities and foster social development in local communities, creating 200 direct jobs. This reflects our commitment to supporting local economies.

Environmental Protection and Wastewater Treatment

We are dedicated to environmental preservation. By using EIA, we protect the environment through wastewater treatment and preventing harmful solvent release.

Promoting Education and Research

We support education and research in the paint and resin industry. Our training courses advance knowledge and skills, ensuring high standards in our products and services.