The journey of Pars Eshen Industrial Group began in 1977, founded by Ahmad Islamian. With visionary and innovative ideas, he transformed a small workshop into one of Iran’s largest and most respected names in the paint and resin industry. Through precise foresight and bold decisions, Ahmad Islamian expanded Pars Eshen into a major producer of diverse and high-quality products. Today, under the brands Italvar, Cavalli, and Eshen, our products symbolize quality and authenticity.

Ahmad Islamian’s strong leadership and smart strategies have made Pars Eshen a reputable name in the industry. His commitment to continuous growth, process improvement, and product innovation remains steadfast. He values enhancing employee knowledge and skills, leading to the creation of quality, innovative products.

Currently, Ahmad Islamian is not only a key figure in the paint and resin industry but has also introduced several influential brands to the Iranian market. He has expanded into other sectors, including cement, mining, and construction. His leadership is recognized for its professionalism and success, as well as his role as a motivational leader and industry model. Through continuous development programs and growth opportunities for employees, he focuses on improving products and services and enhancing market competitiveness.