About Pars Eshen

Founded on August 5, 1977, by Mr. Ahmad Islamian, Pars Eshen Paint and Resin Industry Company began by producing thinners and building paints. With experienced professionals and effective management, the company quickly progressed, expanding its product range. Pars Eshen is recognized as a standard partner laboratory with an ISO9001 quality assurance certificate and multiple product standards. Our products are crafted using the latest global knowledge, international standards, modern machinery, and advanced laboratories. This ensures top quality for our customers.

Our success is driven by the expertise of our managers and specialists, supported by external consultants working tirelessly in research and development. Establishing a commercial office in the UAE has been a significant strength. It has helped us overcome supply chain challenges and enter international markets. Our continuous success and customer satisfaction are the results of our commitment to high quality, consistent after-sales service, and sustainable development principles.

In 2022, as the new century began, Pars Eshen underwent significant structural changes. These changes allowed us to market our diverse products under various brands. Now, under the Pars Eshen umbrella, we have “Eshen” for building paints and resins, “Italvar” for polyurethane paints with Italian technology, and “Cavalli” for high-quality automotive paints with the latest technology and top specialists.

Growth and development have always been core principles for Pars Eshen. Our leaders continuously strive to adapt to global changes, marking the start of an endless journey for our industrial group.

Revenue (2022)

1,142.0 billion

Operating profit (2022)

2,505.0 billion

Countries inwhich we engage in business

45 countries

Group employees

33,000 persons

Ratio of overseas sales

80 % or more


42 years ago


2,657.0 billion

Market share

2 st

amount product

2,657.0 billion

  • 1356

    Establishment of Pars Ashen Industrial Group by Mr. Ahmed Islamian

  • 1362

    Production of industrial paints and epoxy under the name of Pars Ashen

  • 1367

    Fire and rebirth and powerful Pars

  • 1375

    Construction of resin factory and production of BIBP, D13P, DOP products

  • 1380

    Reopening of the commercial office in the United Arab Emirates

  • 1381

    Production of environmentally friendly powder paints

  • 1384

    To receive the award of the exemplary exporter of Varzin industry

  • 1390

    Establishment of car repair paint production unit

  • 1391

    Adding plastic, semi-plastic and acrylic colors to building products

  • 1394

    Production of polyurethane paints in Iran and prevention of currency outflow

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